Depositing funds on is designed to be straightforward and accommodating, catering to various investment preferences and payment methods. This step-by-step guide aims to provide a clear and easy process for making a deposit on the platform.

Step 1: Accessing the Website and Logging In

1.       Website Navigation: Start by visiting at

2.       Login Process: On the main page, find and click on the login section. Enter your login details to access your account.

Step 2: Initiating the Deposit Process

1.       Dashboard Access: Once logged in, you'll land on your account Dashboard.

2.       Deposit Initiation: Click on the 'MAKE DEPOSIT' button. This will take you to the deposit page.

Step 3: Choosing an Investment Package and Payment Option

1.       Selecting an Investment Package: Review the available investment packages, each with unique features and minimum deposit requirements.

2.       Determining Deposit Amount: Decide the amount you wish to deposit, ensuring it meets or exceeds the minimum requirement of your chosen package.

3.       Payment Method Selection: Select your preferred payment method from options such as Bitcoin, USDT, etc.

Understanding Compounding Options

1.       Default Setting: The compounding option is initially set to 0%.

2.       Compounding Percentage: Opting for a compounding percentage means your daily profits will be reinvested into your investment capital until maturity.

         For instance, a 100% compounding setting reinvests all daily earnings, making them unavailable for withdrawal.

3.       Flexibility: You can modify the compounding percentage at any point during the investment period.

Step 4: Finalizing the Deposit

1.       Completing the Deposit: Once you’ve made your selections, click on 'SPEND'.

2.       Transaction Details: You will be directed to a page with's payment address for your deposit.

         For digital currencies like USDT, each transaction has a unique system-generated address.

3.       Important Reminder: Always use a new, unique address for each deposit. Reusing old addresses can lead to loss of funds.

Additional Notes

         Multiple Deposits: supports multiple deposits into either the same or different investment plans, each treated separately.

         Account Requirements: There is no necessity for multiple accounts to conduct various deposits.

Conclusion Making a deposit on is user-friendly and secure. By following these steps, you can confidently invest in your selected package using your preferred payment method. Always use the unique address provided for each transaction to safeguard your funds.